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early detection saves lives



Hi, my name is  Terri Welsh…. and I’m a BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR! (Diagnosed at 40 years old) My journey is still on going, but EARLY DETECTION saved my life. I started this blog to share my story, to help me heal, to help others heal and to promote the importance of early detection…. and to encourage as many women as possible to GET A MAMMOGRAM!


My photos taken by the extraordinary Karen McKinnon… click here for more info…



29 thoughts on “Home

  1. You look beautiful and strong and we all appreciate you sharing. Thank you Terri

  2. Going tomorrow for my first. Had to get my Dr to refer me as they keep telling me i’m too young. I DO sound like a little kid on the phone…..lol. Lost a best friend at 38yrs. Battled for 6yrs. Learned so much from her she is now my guardian angel. Thank you for sharing Terri!!!

  3. How wonderful to share your story – we’re so proud!!!

  4. What a wonderful way to reach more people! Well done Terri. I felt very alone going through my biopsies and I think this is a wonderful place for women to go to for a comforting ear. Thank you.

  5. You go girl! Hugs to you beautiful lady. XO

  6. Proud of you Terri! I’m still amazed you survived the Train crash. Stay strong and invincible!

  7. I’m so very proud of you Terri … You are brave, beautiful, and oh such a big inspiration.

  8. You are an amazing & brave woman Terri! Everyone at work is so proud of you and missing you!

  9. Way to go Terri!! the Blog is a great idea and what an amazing way of encouraging other women to get

  10. Your very strong Terri and as I go through this journey right now as well (waiting for chemo to start) it was great to read your story and to know my thoughts were shared by others and that they were normal! From a one breasted girl to another…. Kick ass!!!

  11. Hi Terri! This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing and encouraging others. I’ve had a few mammograms – if they can squeeze my wee ones in no one should be afraid. I thought it was a miracle! 🙂 Here’s to your strength and a 2014 filled with health and joy.

  12. Hi Terri my name is Flora Marchand and I am your father’s first cousin. I am a breast cancer survivor of thirteen years. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Talking to your dad on Sunday and he told me you are doing well. Take care your cousin Flora

  13. Hi Terry. Got your blog address from Michele. I waited to long to get a mamogram done and by the time was diagnosed, I was at stage three. It has been a hectic year to say the least and my message to women everywhere is go get checked out early!

  14. Terri, Have you heard of a book that is called Beat your Cancer? Someone told me about it and that he buys it for his clients and it apparently talks about dietary measures like removing sugar from diet, etc. I have not been able to find it. Thought it would be worth the read. So proud of you for sharing your story and inspiring women to self exam and go for mammograms. I recently met with a client of mine whose mammo showed nothing but an ultrasound did! She got sick a few times during treatment and had fluid in her lungs and her Dr. told her she was done, Stage 4 and nothing he could do without checking. She knew it was something different and someone recommended Oil of Thyme (which she said is HORRIBLE but dries up excess moisture. She is now in remission!

    • Thx Stacey. No, I haven’t heard of the book. I’ll have to check it out. Glad to hear about your client… so happy for her, remission is always something to celebrate!

  15. This is pretty cool not the cancer thing but your blogging about it,it takes a strong person to speak as freely as you have! Hope your return to normalcy is quick and do hope when you are done this journey you get that trip to the hammock. As for Jayson well you are a great husband to your wife and I wish and hope I can be as strong as you have been if Im ever faced with this kind of struggle take it easy you two!

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